Vi var her


«Vi var her» is a performance with performers and audience in different generations.

Could spending time with people of different ages make it easier to think in long-terms and understand our self and others?

The performers aged between 11 and 77, find themselves in a scenic universe where elements of the present and different historical eras exist in parallel. Bodies with different ages relate to each other and create different images and situations. The  dramaturgy is built around fragments of human history and the personal stories of the performers. Vi var her alternates between the recognizable and the absurd, and the humorous, vulnerable and existential. In the second part of the performance, the audience is invited to a generational meeting with cake and child-friendly bubbles accompanied by scratching by DJ Grandma (Kari Onstad 77 years).

Artistic team:
Choreographer and director: Maja Roel
Playwright and director: Toril Solvang
Scenography and costume: Mari Hesjedal
Composer: Jørgen Skjulstad
Light: Evelina Dembacke
Performers: Kari Onstad (77), Karstein Solli (61), Sigrid Marie Kittelsaa Vesaas (31), Jasper Siverts (18), Silvia Sørbye (12)
Project manager: Maja Roel
Coordinator: Ingeborg Husbyn Aarsand

With support from:
Norsk kulturråd – fri scenekunst – dans, Fond for lyd og bilde,, FFUK.


Rom for dans


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