Utopia – et drømspel fra Tøyen

Photo: Øyvind Eide

Utopia – A dream play from Tøyen premiered on 11 June 2021 in an office building on the 11th floor of Tøyen square. The project is made by Solvang & Roel in close collaboration with the artists involved, and five youths from Tøyen. The National Theater and Black box Theater were co-producers.

«This is a play that reminds me of what makes theater special and why I like it so much.»
– Norsk Shakespearetidsskrift – 12.6.202

UTOPIA – A dream play from Tøyen is a political poetic platform and performance in one – a social dream project about the search for other ways to be, and for new ways to meet political challenges.

The world community is facing many crises that offer bleak future prospects. Utopia – A dreamplay from Tøyen is a constructive opposite to the dark direction the world is heading.

Utopias, dreams of more just and harmonious societies, have been a guideline for several political struggles. Politics is change from the outside, but in this dream play we turn inside. Because if we do not change from within, the world will exist as it is, and maybe go to hell.

Belief in the imagination as something important, as a vital creative force, is one of the foundations of UTOPIA. Our ideas are formed of dreams – dreams with the potential to create change. What do young people from Tøyen dream about? Solvang & Roel have created the «dream animal»- an organism where humans have morphed together into something bigger than themselves.

The walking drama «Utopia – a dream play from Tøyen» provides a generous, dreamy entrance to a hard-pressed district. It pleases the heart of an old utopian.
– Scenekunst.no – 14.6.2021

Artistic team:

Company: Solvang & Roel

Concept and direction: Toril Solvang and Maja Roel

Producer and choreographer: Maja Roel

Creative performers: Renate Reinsve, Ibrahim Fazlic, Seda Witt, Henrik Hoff Vaagen, Maja Roel, Elizabeth Safari, Mariam Ghaffar, Yosef Adam, Mathilde Vagstein Omholt and Ilwad Ismail.

Scenography and lighting: Fredrik Floen and Ingeborg Staxrud Olerud

Costume: Fredrik Floen

Composer and musician: Julian Skar

Dramaturge: Olav Torbjørn Skare

Coordinator: Ingeborg Husbyn Aarsand

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